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API Network Endpoint Manager

Web ApplicationUX Architecture, UI Design & Front End Development

Product design for API Network Endpoint Manager

Our product was focused on helping build a digitally monetized platform that would allow developers looking to automate API connections within their applications to connect with API data providers and streamline the API process through data connection platform. This would also work in conjunction with our API Network Billing Module.

1Identifying The Problem

I worked with key business stakeholders to identify the problems the proposed product could help solve in addition to building a profile for our target users. Through previously conducted user interviews, we identified general data and information on two potential main user groups, their assumed behaviors and needs.

Through this platform, we could assist both user groups and help our developer users automate that process via a digital monetization platform and also allow our API providers users to receive profit incentives while providing access to their API connections and updates.

2User Personas & Flows

I assisted the business team in working to better understand our product through building user proto-personas. Through previous interviews, we identified two main user types - developers utilizing APIs and API providers - as well as their key issues. We used these to build user flows and detailed requirements for the product in addition to initial wireframes.

3User Interface Designs

I built high-fidelity prototypes in Adobe Photoshop to help bring our wireframes to life through visual design and used InVision to help simulate the end user experience so we could better internally test and validate the early concept before moving into development.

3Front End Development

I collaborated with another developer on our team to help build our product, with my role primarily focusing on translating our visual design mockups into a UI prototype using HTML, CSS and JavaScript within a Backbone.js environment utilizing Marionette.