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Kroger Paid Membership Journey

Journey Map, User FlowDesign Workshop Facilitator, UX Research & Design

Kroger Paid Membership Journey Map

I led cross-organization teams and partners in several workshops to understand users and their journey with Kroger memberships as well as centralize, visualize and support communication around proposed ideas and work.

1Business Objectives

Working closely with my product management partner and our stakeholders at 84.51°, we wanted to understand the current day journey of a Kroger customer engaging with various Kroger services and membership as well as ideate on how we could improve this through our e-commerce platform and presence. I partnered with my PM and looped in additional engineering team members through this process to collaborate on learnings and also centralized and visualized the knowledge, opportunities and ideas through journey mapping and user flows.

2Journey Mapping Workshop

I led the planning and facilitation in getting the team together in person for 2 half day workshops where we got together to discuss who we thought our customers may be, the scenario we wanted to understand, and

3Workshop Synthesis & Artifact

After the workshop, we needed a way to better centralize the knowledge, opportunities and ideas we'd come up with to share across the team and also engage supporting teams. From the workshop journey map we'd made in session, I created a high-fidelity version that illustrated key points of what we'd learned - our potential target user (proto-persona), highs and lows of their current day journey, and ideas the team had to improve on this experience moving forward.

5User Flow Workshop

For this effort, we wanted to take our original journey for understanding how customers might engage with a paid membership and explore what that looked like today as well as ideas for improving this in the future. I partnered directly with my product management partner and looped in engineering team for questions and end feedback, as well as stakeholders. I planned and led a collaborative session where we mapped out the current day user flow for engaging with membership as well as a future state flow based on the gaps and issues we found in current state.

6User Flow Artifact

After the workshop, we needed a way to communicate our understanding of current day journey as well as ideas for future state to our engineering teams and stakeholders. I took the original whiteboard flow we created and made a high-fidelity version that would be easier to read and more strongly communicate our findings and ideas. This would allow our stakeholders to weigh in on the direction we were looking to go, as well as our engineering teams to help bridge any gaps or questions we discovered on the way. This also would allow us to communicate more easily to supporting teams in this work.


As a result of this work, we were able to:

  • Focus our teams and stakeholders on who our customers might be (and who were not)
  • Share cross-team knowledge and learnings on current day journey and build empathy for our customers
  • Collaboratively identify opportunities for identified problems and gaps in the user's experience
  • Easily centralize, visualize and share ideas across the team on improving the experience
  • Align teams and stakeholders on user-centered proposed changes and evolution to customer's experience engaging with paid memberships