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Just for funsies and as a learning process for me, I sometimes write about my work and what I learn from it. It gets pretty nerdy, so just a warning! :)

1Solving a UX debate: which design tool to use?

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As a part of improving our Alchemy design team in standardizing our process, we conducted a mini-design hackathon and got team testing and consensus on our preferred design tool.

2Exploring user experience methods: a case study

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I got the opportunity in working with a freelance client to help the business owner evaluate an existing product experience and research more about potential user(s). This is a first part in a multi-part case study I explored.

2Conducting a heuristic evaluation: case study learnings

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I conducted a heuristic review of the business owner's digital application, applying usability heuristics and helping understand the various opportunity areas and strengths of the application.

2Conducting user interviews: case study learnings

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I led a round of user interviews with 2 existing users and partnered with the business owner during the planning, preparation and interview process.

2Creating a customer journey map

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As a part of our process, we created a customer journey map after the interviews to better understand and explore the end user's experience and create empathy-based understanding.