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Callibrity Solutions

Responsive WebsiteUX & UI Designer, Front End Developer

Homepage Design for Callibrity Solutions Website

I worked with a local Cincinnati client as a User Experience consultant to provide their business website with a complete responsive redesign. I collaborated with the client and internal teams to help them align their business needs with end users from each stage of the process from initial research, planning, design and development.

1Research & Planning

I worked with a small business client to help them shape the vision for a business website redesign that would be responsive to work across all devices. We worked together to determine ultimately who the website would be intended for to help us guide initial user proto-personas. With our users defined, we could then identify goals for our end users and better define our scope. I provided initial documentation regarding an overall website sitemap and user flows to help us define the scope of the website and align these to our end user goals.

2User Interface Design

From our initial requirements, I put together a sitemap to help us align on the site structure, priority and hierarchy. I designed the user interface and provided mockups that illustrated the experience from small to large screens to help the client see how their main features would work across user devices.

3Front End Development

I provided the initial HTML/CSS foundation for the client that translated our user interface designs into working development prototypes. These were ultimately passed on to their internal development team to continue to manage after redesign launch.