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Design Team Culture ResearchUX Researcher

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1Business Objectives

I met with our design team manager to discuss our team culture and voiced potential opportunities for us to conduct research to better understand the current state of our team and identify opportunity areas for design maturity and growth both on our team and within the organization. I led initial survey research to learn about our team and identify subjective metrics to be used in continued measurement of our team over time.

2Research Plan

I collaborated with the key manager stakeholder along with additional volunteer design team members to establish a research plan and identify our strategic goals. From these collaborations, I created a study that would allow us to learn towards our goals and help us gain insights.

3Survey & Analysis

I conducted the survey over a several weeks span to gain as much participant learnings and data as possible. From the end of the study, I collaborated with my research partner to analyze our findings and bring our top takeaways (supported with detailed data) to our stakeholder and larger team.


As a result of this work, we were able to identify our current strengths of a strong, positive internal culture to continue to support, as well as identify the opportunities for improving organization understanding and perception of design as well as opportunities to strengthen cross-functional partnership collaboration on working teams. This led to efforts to educate across both our specific design team and the entire Kroger design team to help work towards those identified opportunities.