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P&G Oral-B Mobile App Redesign

Mobile ApplicationUX Research, UX Architecture & Design

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As a part of the Oral-B team in Alchemy, we worked directly with the P&G Oral-B business leaders to undertake a redesign of the mobile application in conjunction with the launch of new hardware.

Please note: Due to the confidential proprietary nature of work, additional design examples will not be publicly available here but can be made available upon request.

1Business Objectives

Our brand leadership were interested in evolving the Oral-B mobile application experience. Previous feedback and analytics indicated there was room for opportunity to create experiences that would encourage higher rates of utilization and engagement; additionally, the business leaders wanted to uncover potential unmet needs. Our team worked to conduct user research to help inform decisions for the new application as well as oversaw design from initial ideas to implementation.

2Competitor Analysis

Our Oral-B design team conducted an analysis of a key competitor product. In our analysis, we reviewed similar and different capabilities their application offered and compared it to Oral-B as well as general knowledge of the market. Through this, we identified some areas that we could evolve as well as some additional opportunity areas (such as providing experiences for kids and families) that could be further explored.

3Design Sprint

I led a group workshop in which we chose to utilize the Google Sprint design sprint framework to bring our cross-functional team together and leverage design thinking methods to understand our longer term vision, identify opportunities, ideate across our team and bring ideas to life through prototyping and testing.

We ended up with a testable prototype that we then took into immediate user testing. It allowed us to not only understand how we might evolve our product and features, but it also gave us initial insights into potential users, their potential needs and pain points, and gave us small points of data with which to continue planning additional research.

4Usability Testing & Implementation

Our team reviewed our usability findings from the prototyping and moved forward with several ideas that seemed successful. I collaborated with our product manager, UI designer and engineering partners to design initial wireframes and creating working prototypes that the UI designer could use to bring in the delightful interface details as well as help our engineers with building the application.

4Design Sprint Retro

As this was the first design sprint we had run as a team (and one of the first for Alchemy as a organization), I led a retrospective in which we evaluated our experiences in the sprint. This allowed us to individually and collectively share our feedback and thoughts to identify areas of opportunity for future sprints to improve as a team.