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Project Foodie

Mobile Application (iOS, Android)UX & UI Designer

Wireframe for Project Foodie mobile product

I worked with a local startup team to design an early stage product and provide initial UX consultation. We collaborated to identify the problems we were solving, targeted audience and end users and took our idea from business planning and strategy through design to assist in early prototyping.

1Research & Planning

I worked with the team to help understand the initial concept and help get a detailed understanding of the problem we were solving with this product. I guided the team in helping to identify the users and create a proto-personas as well as conducted individual user interviews with our target audience to help identify key features and functions users would like to have. I put together a user flow to help illustrate the experience ecosystem we were creating.


Based on our requirements and user flows, I designed a wireframe of several of our key views to illustrate what our foundational user interface would be and provide the UI archicture for our application.