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SecondNurture Application

Web ApplicationUX & UI Designer

SecondNurture Application Dashboard

I worked with a local Cincinnati client to provide UX consultation for an early stage startup product. I helped them refine their application requirements and objectives to align with business goals and user needs. This would also serve as the foundation for the SecondNurture website.

1Research & Planning

A client came to me with a product idea: she wanted to build a platform that would help connect caregivers who oversaw patient care to their personal networks. She had found a lot of issues when attempting to care for an ailing parent and, during this journey, had connected with others who had run into similar experiences. I worked with her to help understand her business objectives and what she was looking for in an end product as well as gathered her feedback and the feedback she had collected from additional potential end users.

Through initial target user feedback, we created our provisional personas and refined and prioritized our key features and functions that would be a part of our end solution. I created initial requirements list and wireframes to help us iterate initial concept ideas.

2User Interface Design

I designed visual concepts using Adobe Photoshop to provide high-fidelity mockups that would give the client a clear picture of the end product design and interactivity. These were ultimately passed on to a contracted development team that would build the application infrastructure.