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SecondNurture Website

Responsive WebsiteUX & UI Designer, Front End Developer

SecondNurture Website Home Page

I worked with a local Cincinnati client to design a website that would help market her product and communicate essential information about her SecondNurture application and business.

1Research & Planning

Working with the client, I worked to help the client define who her primary audience would be. This site would be primarily for end users to learn more about the application and get in touch to receive notifications when the application would be launched. It would also help illustrate the main features and benefits for potential investor and/or partner discussions.

2User Interface Design

I created an initial sitemap and requirements list based on the primary identified users and used these to quickly sketch wireframes that I converted into high-fidelity mockups for the client.

3Front End Development

From the high-fidelity mockups, I established the intial front end foundation that would be used to build a live prototype and passed on to a back end team for additional development work and maintenance.